During the winter and autumn seasons you can find that you face drainage issues more than at other points of the year.

One factor that comes into play here is that there is more leaves falling from trees and plants dying which lay on the floor and fly into your drains. The build up of debris then causes flow speed through the pipe to reduce which slows down or blocks our drains.

As we get to frosty temperatures in these winter months you may also encounter blocked drains due to standing water becoming frozen which then slows down flow through the pipe.

What Can I Do To Prevent Blocked Drains In Winter?

  • Before we enter autumn get an annual high-pressure jet of the drains carried out to ensure the system is free of obstructions. This way if debris does manage to find its way into your drains it will not be adding to existing debris within the drains.
  • Ensure that gullies grates and manhole covers are secure to prevent leaves and other debris blowing into your drains.
  • Run hot water down your kitchen sink drain everyday which can help to clear build up of grease deposits which are able to set even faster than normal in the cold weather.
  • Make sure that all storage tanks and pipes are covered and insulated. This will help to keep the heat in and help to prevent them from freezing.

If the blocked drain persists it is time to call the experts, give us a call.