This is a drainage inspection that is carried out prior to completion of the purchase of a property to ensure that there are no issue within the drains prior to a sale or purchase of property.

The vendor of a property may wish for a survey to be carried out to allow them peace of mind that the drains are defect free.

On the other hand, if you are purchasing a property you will want to know that you are not going to get any sudden costs once you are liable for the maintenance of the property.

Why Do I Need A Pre-Purchase Drain Survey?

  • Below ground pipework is not visible to us so we have no idea of the condition of pipework. A pre purchase survey will give provide give you an insight into the layout of drainage system and an idea of the condition of your drains.
  • A building surveyor may have requested a drain survey to be carried out due to his findings on site flagging up potential drain issues.
  • Mortgage lenders may stipulate that you require a drain survey as part of lending terms. This could be due to the area having a history of drain issues.
  • If you are able to supply your insurance provider with a copy of an up-to-date drainage report showing your drains are defect free you can get a discounted rate from some insurance providers.

If you would like a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey, contact us.