Keeping your drains clean and blockage-free is not as difficult as you might think. All you need to do is be mindful of what you put within your drainpipes and to adopt a few routine practices that will help with keeping your drains blockage free. Doing so will help you to avoid big build ups causing blockages.

Drain cleaning is not a chore that anyone wants to tackle on their own. It can be messy and disgusting, and no one wants to get up close and personal with what’s swimming down in their drain pipes. But by taking just a few easy and preventive steps, you can ensure that your drains are free of obstructions and stinky odours.  They include:

Watch what goes down your drain

Tea and coffee grounds, hair, dental hygiene products, baby wipes and sanitary pads all block your drains. It only takes a couple of extra minutes to strain or clean your dishes before washing or throw your waste in the trashcan. Furthermore, removing your hair from the shower or sink and cleaning it from your drain catcher goes a long way in protecting you from blocked drains. Also, invest in strainers for your kitchen and bathroom sinks. They will catch waste and debris like hair and food particles before they can go down the drain.

A strainer will also help to prevent the smell backing up from the pipework.

Good quality drain cleaners

There are a lot of drain cleaners and chemical solutions available in your local supermarkets and stores. Choose a good quality biological cleaner that works to remove the build-up of organic waste such as hair, grease, and bacteria. Using it once or twice a month, depending on your drain usage, will keep your drains free of mould and germs as well.

     They help with removing the accumulation of waste and slime and aid in keeping your drain pipes clean. If you have more stubborn or multiple blockages, call in a drain specialist. It can be an indication of damaged drain pipes or an obstruction in your main drain pipes.

Keep the grease away

Grease is the cause of most of the drain blockages in homes or commercial kitchens. The fat from your leftover food mixes with the food particles and debris and causes obstructions in your drain pipes. Never throw your leftover fat or lard down the drain. Instead, let it rest and put it in a container to recycle. It will save you from many a drain headache in the future.

Get a hydro jet or a drain jetting service

Along with the measures above, go for a professional drain clean like a hydro jet or a drain jetting service. It involves using a high-pressure water jetting equipment combined with jetting heads and specialised equipment to flush out the drain. A drain jet will flush out all the accumulated waste and sludge from every corner of your pipes. It also prevents future drain blockages and festering of bacteria in the drains.

Lastly, learn to recognise the signs of serious drain problems like leakages, cracks, and roots ingress. Weird noises from your drain pipes, damp patches, increased growth in areas of your lawn, or an increase in water bills – all point towards pipe damage. That’s when you need to call in the professionals. They have the tools and the expertise to get to the source of the problem with CCTV drain surveys and trenchless digging methods.

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