We pride ourselves on a great service and honest reliable workmanship. Here what some of our clients have to say.

“Total drain care are always very reliable, efficient, and proactive. They do their upmost to survey the property and issue their reports to meet our tight time scales. We use them for all our drainage surveys and repairs.”

Customer in London

Drainage survey

“When I bought my home I did not realise the previous occupiers had plumbed kitchen waste into a drain run that soaks into the ground. I called this company because my drains were blocked and they identified the problem. They gave me several options to resolve. They dug a big hole where the waste water was going into the ground. They had to remove fat from the hole and create a new soakway. They then diverted my kitchen waste into the ground and round to the side of my house where a manhole was. Very happy with how tidy they were. Very professional, highly recommend.”

Customer in St. Albans

New soakaway

“We recently moved into a new property and we heard noises in the wall. Very distressing time for us. We called Total Pest Control to come and investigate and they gave us the horrible news we had rats. They very quickly identified the way the rats were getting into our property via the drains. They sealed all the holes and installed some device into the drains to stop them coming. He then very kindly gave the whole house a ‘looking over’ to ensure no further creatures could enter. Treatment continued for a few weeks and am very happy to say there are no more rats. Highly recommend.”

Customer in Dunstable

Dealt with rats

“I work in a care home. One of the residents brought in bed bugs. This spread to 4 rooms. I called this company to come and treat the infestation. They were very knowledgeable and knew a lot about insect biology. I have learned so much from them. They came and treated the rooms twice. We have not seen or had any reports of any biting. We had quotes from the big brand pest control names. Total were a fraction of the cost but we are so happy with their professional reassuring behaviour. Thank you very much.”

Customer in Watford

Bed bugs

“Called Total Drain Care as our urinals within our social club was blocked. It was the day of the world cup final so we needed this cleared urgently. They arrived after an hour of calling them. They came and cleared the blockage, advised us on how to prevent future blockages. Very happy this was cleared in time as this would of caused a major upset within a busy club! Thank you very much, would definitely recommend.”
Customer in St. Albans

Cleared urinals

“A pest control company recommended Total Drain Care. They suspected we were getting rats coming in from the drains. Total Drain Care came and surveyed the drains and found an open drain point in my cavity wall where the rats were emerging from the drains. The run was capped off with concrete and a rat flap installed. Very knowledgeable company – not just about drains but also about pest control.”
Customer in Watford

Rat removal

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