A drain blockage is never simple. It is usually an indication of an underlying problem in your drainage system.

Drain blockages are a common occurrence in both domestic and commercial properties. They start with:

  • A rotten or foul odour
  • Gurgling noises from the drainpipes
  • Slow water pressure
  • Water seeping out of manhole covers
  • Water bubbling out of sinks, showers, and toilets
  • Slow water drainage

When we encounter any of these signs, we use store-bought drain opening solutions, drain rods, and baking soda vinegar mixtures.

But all these solutions are temporary.

The problem with blocked drains is that you don’t know what is causing the blockage. Sometimes it’s just an accumulation of waste. Other times it could be damaged pipes, roots ingress, or obstruction from bulky or foreign objects.

When you use DIY methods to open drain blockages, you could be causing further damage to your pipes. The best course of action for recurring drain blockages is to consult drain unblocking specialists.

They will conduct a CCTV drain survey to inspect the condition of your drains. It involves inserting a camera inside your drainage system to investigate the root cause of the blockage.

A CCTV drain inspection will allow the inspectors to get to the origin of the problem and address the repairs accordingly.

If there are cracks in the pipes, they can use patch liners to repair them.

If there are severely damaged drainpipes where tree roots have spread and dug in deep, installation of new pipework may be necessary.

Older pipework is prone to leaks and corrosion, and merely installing a patch repair may not be enough to repair them. At this point, adaptation to the existing pipework may be needed.

A CCTV drain survey is your map into the heart of your drainage system. It will tell you:

  • What is causing the blockage in your drain
  • Where it is located

Once you know that, your drain contractors will advise you on the best solution to fix the problem.

A drain survey is needed for:

  • Persistent, recurring, or ongoing drain problems
  • Routine drain maintenance, especially for businesses and commercial properties
  • To inspect the condition of drains before investing in a new property

A CCTV drain survey is the best solution to get to the origin of recurring drain issues. Going in blind with drain snakes and chemicals will only aggravate the blockage if the underlying problem is more than accumulated waste.

Delve deep with a CCTV drain survey to permanently resolve your drain blockages and maintain your drainage system effectively.