Slow draining water, foul odours and unusual noises coming from your drains?

That’s when most of us reach for our store-bought drain cleaners and chemical solutions to fix the problem. And it sometimes solves the issue too. What if it becomes a recurring problem?

It is essential to understand that frequent drain problems are a sign of a more serious underlying issue. Over-the-shelf drain cleaners or DIY fixes can only rectify minor drain blockages and will often partially cure the issue but overtime the problem will keep coming back. Like your home, your drainage system also requires maintenance and repair with routine cleaning to prevent expensive repairs and replacements.


Blocked sinks and toilets or slow draining water are common problems that all home and building owners face. It can be solved with chemical solutions or general plumbing services if more stubborn. But sometimes, you need more than that. Long term drain issues, if not resolved quickly, can cause serious damage. To prevent that, you must learn to recognise the signs that indicate that you need professional help. They include:

Sewage water backing up in your home

The absolute worst thing that can happen with blocked drains is sewerage water coming through your pipes. The water is contaminated and contains viruses and bacteria. It can be dangerous, causing illnesses to you and your family and damaging your home. Sewerage backup can occur when the pipework linked to your property is blocked. Other reasons may include damage to pipes such as displaced joints, broken/collapsed pipework or due to root ingress or corrosion reducing pipe diameter making it more difficult for your waste to flow freely. In such cases, you need the services of professional drain contractor to remove the roots or the buildup of deposits within the pipework. If there is structural damage, in the majority of cases patch lining can be carried out as a non-dig repair which is far less intrusive than an excavation. They will also carry out high pressure water jetting of your drain pipes to flush out the sludge and the obstructions.

Persistent unpleasant and foul smells

Accumulation of bacteria and waste in your drainpipes can cause a permanent damp, musty or stinky odour in your home. Your pipes constantly work to flush out all types of waste through them. Over time, waste can get stuck in sections of pipework which have been poorly installed due to bellies or displaced joints where two sections of pipe connect and form a lip causing waste to get stuck. Overtime the waste  becomes stagnant not only causing you blockages, but it also collects all sorts of bacteria and pests, becoming a mess of dirty matter that gives off a horrible smell. That’s why a professional drain jet or power wash is essential to maintain your drains and prevent repairs. Total Drain Care have CCTV drain cameras and high pressure water jetting equipment that can efficiently clean out your drain pipes, ridding them of all obstructions and dirty smelling waste.

You need a properly functioning drainage system to protect your home or business. It’s only when you experience low water pressure, increased water bills, or some of the problems mentioned above do you call in the drainage company.

As drain pipes are hidden underground or behind walls, we often forget their importance but in fact without them working as they should, you are likely to have issues going about your daily life when cooking, cleaning and using the bathroom. The drainage system within your property allows you to do all the above.

A regular drainage maintenance plan is advised to be put in place to ensure that you keep on top of the condition of the pipework. A bi-annual high pressure jet of the drainage system is advised to clear buildup of deposits and debris within the pipework.

An annual CCTV drain survey is also a good method of keeping an eye on the condition of the pipework to catch an issue with the drain before it becomes a bigger and more problematic issue. For example, your annual CCTV drain survey may identify a crack in the drain pipe which can be cured by a patch liner. However, if this is left it can worsen and result in a collapsed drain pipe.

A CCTV inspection comes complete with an inspection report containing still capture images of the pipework clean. When it comes to selling your property, this can be shown to the buyer to assure them that the drains have been maintained.

Total Drain Care provides a wide range of commercial and domestic drainage services across most parts of the UK. Whether you need a drain relining, pipe replacement or high-pressure water jetting carried out, our experienced team is here to help.