Commercial High Pressure Jetting Cleaning and Descaling

What is High Pressure Water Jetting?

High pressure water jetting works by shooting water at high pressure through a nozzle, and is ideal for clearing drainage obstructions. Our vehicles are equipped with custom-built 3000 psi jetting units, that allow us to undertake high pressure water jetting, descaling and root cutting. These standard jetters can work with up to 225mm diameter pipework. If you require jetting for larger diameter pipework then see our Tanker and Jet Vac Unit service. Our operatives are all trained to work inline with recognised industry standards when carrying out high pressure jetting.

Why Do I Need High Pressure Water Jetting?

Drains are designed to discharge waste and surface water from your premises, so it is very important the drainage system is clear and free flowing. Total Drain Care offer maintenance cleaning to ensure drains are free flowing all year round with no risk of blockages. Please call for details.

High pressure jetting

Root Cutting

Roots are a major issue within drains, especially in highly vegetated areas including those with lots of trees. Roots include tree roots but also roots from any type of plant life. Roots will ingress through bad joints, cracks, fractures and holes within pipes. We offer specialist root cutting using a robotic cutter to clear root obstructions initially. Once roots have been removed we recommend drain relining to prevent further root ingress within the pipe, to cover over the point of ingress of the roots. This drain liner is a simple, non-dig solution with minimal disruption in comparison to an excavation.

Root cutting


Pipework over time can build up with scale, reducing bore within the drains. We have the latest equipment to successfully remove scale and encrustation from the pipework. We use various different chain flails and jetting nozzles to successfully restore free flow throughout the drainage system.

Descaling picote
Cast iron

Surface Cleaning

We offer high pressure washing to clean all surfaces required including driveways, patios, paving, decks, brick walls, fences, garden furniture, cladding, natural stone, buildings & internal hard surfaces.

Concrete and Obstacle Removal

Concrete and other obstacles such as rebar penetrating through pipework causes many problems. We offer specialist milling to remove concrete and other obstructions within the pipework. When minor damage occurs to the pipework during the removal process a patch liner is installed to restore structural integrity within the pipework.

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Total Drain Care maintain a good reputation for our quality of work, customer service, professionalism and the standard of our reports.
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Drain Jetting Services Near Me?

Don’t keep drain jetting services on the bottom of your maintenance list. It can backfire on you in the worst possible way. Drainpipes may be hidden, but they are sneaky little devils that can erupt into a disgusting, smelly mess if not cleaned.

Cliched as it may be, but with drain blockage, prevention is half the cure. Blockages are a common occurrence, especially in cities like London where the drainage system pre-dates more than a hundred years. But the more care you take of your drains and gutters with regular cleaning and maintenance, the less problem they will give you.

They are an inevitable occurrence that happens with daily usage and wear and tear. But you can stop it from ballooning with:

  • Precautions-not letting solid and bulky objects fall into drains
  • Self-cleaning-using drain rods, plungers, and drain opening solutions to keep the drains free of blockage
  • Keeping an eye out for signs of blocked drains-bad smells, gurgling noises, and leakages indicate blockages in your drain or sewers. These must be investigated and dealt with immediately before they escalate
  • Maintenance-calling in the professionals for regular drain jetting services to keep the drains clear of build-up and waste
  • CCTV Drain survey-getting detailed inspection of your drains and gutters done to root out stubborn blockages, especially for commercial and industrial drains
  • Cleaning outdoor drains and manholes-keeping the drains outside your property clean of debris and growth to prevent the sewer lines from getting blocked
  • Replacing broken drainpipes-drain pies corrode and crack over time. Timely repairs and replacements protect your drains

Drain Blockages – When and What Action to Take?

It’s always better to be proactive with drain blockages. Taking shortcuts or letting them fester will only make them worse. Learn to recognise the signs of an ongoing problem or a one-time issue.

Accept defeat when DIY doesn’t work and get help from qualified people if needed. Typical problems with drains include:

Gurgling noises

Weird noises coming from your drainpipes indicate a blockage. The gurgling sounds mean an obstruction in the pipe is not letting the water pass. It could be a blockage in just one section of the drainpipe, or it could be widespread.

If not taken care of, the waste or objects causing the block will stop the water flow completely. A plunger, hot water, drain snake, or drain opening solutions usually takes care of minor drain blockages.

But if it is a recurring problem, or the above methods do not work, it means that there is a larger blockage somewhere in your drainpipes.

Seek professional help immediately for more stubborn drain blockages.


Leaking pipes are a surefire sign of a problem in your drainage system. It shows that the wastewater route to the sewers is blocked. Leakages can cause damage to the ceiling, floors, walls, bathroom tiles, and more.

They lead to rot and mould on surfaces with a dank, nasty smell. Drainpipes crack and break under the water pressure and cause flooding of dirty water inside residences and businesses.

Water coming out of drains

Water not draining from sinks, toilets, and shower is one of the most common drainage problems. It usually happens because of grease waste, soap scum, hair, and foreign objects falling in the drain.

Over time, such drain blockages become more stubborn and must be cleared with professional drain jetting services.

A wet, musty, or rotten smell

Sometimes, even if there are no visible drain problems, a musty and rotten odour permeates through your indoor living spaces. It is the first sign of underlying drain blockages. They usually occur because of damaged drainpipes, leakages, tree roots, or blockages.

Only a detailed CCTV drain survey can shed light on the hidden drainage problem.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure means that your drain is clogged. Homemade fixes like baking soda or vinegar mixtures clear away minor clogs. If that doesn’t work, hire a plumber or drain specialist to look into it.

Water staying put

Water not leaving your sink shows that there is no space for it to go. Drain rods and plungers work quite well in such cases. They move the blockage farther down. But most of the time, they get stuck rather than moving towards the sewerage line. Then come back with a vengeance when bigger.

A hydro jet is the only way to permanently remove the blockage from the drainpipe towards the sewer system.

Call Total Drain Care now to clean your drains – we carry out cleaning to both domestic and commercial properties.

How Does Drain Jetting Work?

It involves using a high-pressure drain jetting machine to pump water into the drain with a nozzle or a hose.  The targeted jet of water successfully removes even the most stubborn obstructions and restores the water flow to the drain. The high-pressure drain jetting hose negotiates tight bends and corners, dislodging any blockages.

A drain rod can’t access the deeper areas of your drainage system like professional drain jetting equipment can.

Regular drain jetting keeps your drain and sewerage system working efficiently and is an essential part of drain maintenance. For businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and food industries, commercial drain jetting is budgeted into routine maintenance.

Residential drain jetting is usually carried out between longer intervals, but older houses might need it more often. It is advisable to get a drain jet wash done after buying a new property or renovating an unused one. It will get the accumulated debris out and improve water flow.

DIY Drain Jetting

It does sound quite simple. Just insert the nozzle of your power washer into the drain access point and let the high-pressure water do its work.

It clearly isn’t.

First of all, a domestic power washer doesn’t have the required water pressure to clear out the drains effectively. It is a temporary fix till the blockage that has moved further down builds up again.

If you’re using secondhand drain jetting machines, you still can’t be sure of how well they will work, even if you know how to use them. The same applies to any drain jetting equipment you will purchase.

High-pressure washers have various attachments for different levels of pressure. They have specialist drain jetting nozzles depending upon the obstruction you are facing. These jetting heads must be used in a particular manner otherwise you can damage your drain and the surrounding areas near it.

You must also be as close as possible to the blocked area of the drain. Using a CCTV camera we  can inspect and ascertain where the origin of the blockage is. Then you need a drain access point to insert the nozzle or power hose. If the entry point is not close enough, then you can’t clear the blockage.

In the case of tree roots disrupting the water flow, or damage to the pipe joints, you will have to call in drain specialists to remove the roots and install a liner to prevent further root ingress.

Call Total Drain Care now for our root cutting services.

Unless you’ve done some drain jetting training courses, it is advisable to employ professionals for your drain jetting services. Get in contact today with Total Drain Care  for your drain maintenance and upkeep if you have recurring drain blockages.

Professional Drain Jetting Services

It’s a common assumption that professional drain jetting services are only for industries like oil and gas that produce huge amounts of waste. Residential drain jetting is for when properties are bought and sold or when the blockages cannot be cleared with DIY methods.

What most people don’t understand is that drain jetting is part of the regular maintenance of your drains and sewers just as professional roof and conservatory cleaning – drain maintenance is also a crucial part of keeping your investment safe and up-to-mark.

And there is no doing drain jetting yourself. It’s a job for drainage specialists who have the required drain jetting accessories and attachments to get inside your drainpipes and gutters.

Let’s look into the in’s and outs of professional drain jetting and what it involves:

What Is Drain Jetting?

High pressure drain jetting is a quick and systematic process of cleaning your drains and improving their performance. It is done with a high-pressure drain jetting machine.

How Much Does Drain Jetting Cost?

It depends on the severity of your blockage and the condition of your drainpipes. Industrial and agricultural drain jetting is more expensive as it covers a larger area and heavier waste deposits.

Maintenance high pressure jetting works out more cost effective as your keep you keep on top of the conditions of your drains and are able to prevent future issues.

Does Drain Jetting remove roots?

Yes, the pressure from an industrial-grade power washer can remove tree roots from drains in some instances – sometimes a specialist root cutting tool is required also if the root ingress dense. We use a CCTV camera  to accurately pinpoint the root ingress and remove it without any damage to the surrounding area.

High pressure can damage drainpipes or break already cracked ones. Drain jetting experts know how to exert the right amount of force so that there is no damage.

Drainage contractors have CCTV equipment to investigate and access the root growth and how far inside they are embedded. Therefore, they do a detailed CCTV drain survey before attempting a drain jet wash.

Added Benefits Of Drain Jetting

Regular wear and tear, excessive use, older drain and sewerage systems cause a host of plumbing and issues. In a country like England, the underground drains and sewers were developed along with the cities. Therefore, older areas have more recurring drain problems.

The wet and windy climate doesn’t help either. Wind and storms clog up drains and gutters with debris and natural growth.

Trees and vegetations can dig deep underground looking for moisture and damage drain and sewerage pipes.

Leaves, twigs, and grasses flow with the rainwater towards residential and commercial drains to cause severe blockages.

Furthermore, the build-up of grease, fats, soap, and scum combined with the debris, slit, and vegetation creates problems.

A professional drain jetting:

  • Is a quick and efficient process that deep cleans your drainpipes and sewerage system
  • Drain jetting works better than other equipment such as drain snakes, as its nozzle attachments are long and flexible
  • A drain jet wash is environmentally friendly as it cleans with only high-pressure water. There is no usage of strong chemical-based cleaners
  • Hydro jet washing saves your wallet from buying weekly drain opening solutions and equipment for stubborn blockages
  • It keeps your drainpipes, indoor and outdoor surfaces safe from harsh chemical cleaners that can cause rusting and corrosion
  • Increases the flow and pressure of water
  • Ensures the safe removal of waste from your drains without any risk to you or your family
  • A power drain wash effectively removes debris and silt from gutters where poor drainage and frequent rains cause blockages

Protect your home and business and save yourself the hassle and expense by hiring Total Drain Care.


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