If you have raised the manhole cover and found that there is a visible blockage within the manhole chamber, you can use a set of drain rods to assist you in clearance. We always advise customers to purchase a set of rods in case of an emergency.

Drain rods can also be used to push up pipework to remove the obstruction which is causing the blocked drain.

Rods come with a variety of heads which you use dependant on the type of obstruction. For example, a spiral “pigs tail” is used for roots as it allows you to twist and hook the root out of the pipework.

How Do I Use Drain Rods?

Make sure you apply some protective clothing (gloves, goggles, overalls) as it can sometimes get messy!

Locate the end of the pipe which you believe to be obstructed causing the drain blockage.

Attach 2 rods to the rod head and place them into the blocked drain. Push them forward in a clockwise motion to help them progress down the pipe. Ensure you do not twist them anticlockwise as this will unscrew the rods, causing the rod to come loose and block the drain run further.

Carry on attaching rods together until you feel a barrier which indicates you have reached the cause of the blocked drain.

Once you hit the obstruction, push and twist the rods with force until the blockage moves.

Once the blockage is moved you will get flow coming through which was previously obstructed by the blockage.

Bring the rods back to the manhole, unscrewing them one by one until all drain rods have been removed from chamber.

Make sure all rods are thoroughly cleaned after use.

If the blocked drain persists it is time to call the experts, give us a call.