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Businesses, organisations and homeowners need to control insect pests to prevent damage. Insects damage food packaging, clothing and furniture. Insects can contaminate food and surfaces. Some insects carry large amounts of diseases that affect humans and animals. It is important to gain control of activity quickly as damage to goods, compensations, litigation and loss of trade are a financial loss. The presence of insects on commercial properties and damaged goods can also have an impact on reputation.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Pest Control

Treating bed bugs can be a complex process and if not carried out thoroughly will lead to an infestation returning and spreading. Total Pest Control offer a thorough treatment specifically constructed to eliminate these pests.

Signs of bed bugs include: Dark black stains on the mattress and surrounding area, sweet sickly smell, faecal pellets (small dark blood spots) on bedding, live insects and bites.

Bed bugs can harbour within bed frames, headboards, mattress seams, carpets, skirting boards, cracked and broken plaster, drawers and cupboards and wardrobes and bedside cabinets. Bed Bugs will always harbour close to their host.

Total Pest Control will guarantee to free your home from bed bugs.


Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroaches are attracted to all food within your home. Their diet varies from foods, papers, packaging and fabrics to animal matter. The most common types of cockroach within the UK are the German Cockroach – this type of cockroach requires warmth and humidity to survive. They are likely to harbour in the kitchen within the oven, under appliances, within the motor of the fridge and around the boiler. The Oriental Cockroach can also be prevalent – this type of cockroach can cope with cooler damp conditions and are commonly found within drains.

Cockroaches are nocturnal therefore you are likely to see signs of their presence before the cockroach itself. These signs include shed skins, cockroach ootheca (eggs), faecal pellets, smear marks or an unusual odour.

If you suspect you have cockroaches, Total Pest Control has the solution for you.


Ant Pest Control

Garden ants do not carry diseases however they can become a real nuisance in your home or business. You can eliminate ants yourself by watching carefully to see where they are coming in from and seal off their entry point. Make sure good housekeeping is maintained cleaning up and sticky residues as most ants are attracted to sweet things. Also securely seal any food which could be a source for the ants.

If you are still experiencing problems Total Pest Control would be happy to carry out a full treatment. This treatment will consist of internal ant baiting and external insecticidal spray around the perimeter of your home or business. Ant nests will be located and treated.

Please note it is important to identify the species of ant because treatments can vary between species. For example Pharaoh Ants require specialist baiting as spraying for these insects cause the nests to spread due to the colonies having multiple queens. Please ask for more details if you suspect you have Pharaoh ants.


Flea Pest Control

Fleas are a common problem, especially for those with pets. Signs of a flea infestation can be bites around the ankles. Flea bites are not painful however you are left feeling itchy.

If you suspect you have an infestation we can carry out a treatment to rid all fleas from your premises.

Our treatment includes a full spray of all floor areas within the property. Prior to treatment you will need to ensure all animal bedding has been washed at 60 degrees to kill any flea eggs. In some cases you may want to throw away the bedding and replace with new once activity has been controlled.

After treatment has been carried out, the area must be left until the insecticide has dried before anyone, including pets, can enter.


Wasp and Hornet Pest Control

Wasps and Hornets are seasonal pests, active during the summer. Wasps build their nests outdoors under sheltered eaves or, where they can gain access, will find areas within your home to nest. These areas include wall cavities, roof spaces, lofts and internal garages.

If you suspect you have wasps, we are able to offer same day wasp nest treatments to prevent you from being stung from their painful sting. In most cases wasp stings cause no long term harm, however, if you are allergic to their sting it can be fatal.

Did you know? Only female wasps and hornets have stings, which they can repeatedly use if they are under threat.

Flying insects

Fly Insect Pest Control

Flying insects can be regular found in homes and businesses. Knowing which fly is causing a problem will help with knowing the best effective way to control and prevent further infestation.

Pest Control for Common Types of Flying Insect

House Fly Pest Control

These flies are major carriers of disease and can infest all types of premises. They feed on all types of food and even faeces.

Fruit Fly Pest Control

These flies are commonly found breeding within fermenting residues in pubs, kitchens, vegetable plots and breweries.
Bluebottle flies – These flies are attracted to faeces and dead animals and are a known disease carrier.

Cluster Fly Pest Control

These flies are found in undisturbed parts of your home like loft spaces and wall voids. They require warm places to hibernate over winter.

Filter Fly Pest Control

These flies breed within sewage beds where the larvae feed on the organic matter. There are also known as drain flies.
If you are experiencing problems with flies please contact us and we will be able to identify the fly and advise on the best treatment.

Wasps / Hornets
Textile pests

Textile Pests Pest Control

Textile pests include moths and many beetle species, which feed on natural protein – Keratin. This is found in textiles like wool, silk, animal hair, leather and feather of animal origin. It is the larvae stage of the insect which causes the damage to materials.

Textile pests can cause huge damage to clothing, upholstered furniture and carpets. If left untreated textile pests can cause irreplaceable damage. Signs of textile pests include: Live of dead adult insects, damage to materials, larvae and eggs.

If you suspect you have a problem with textile pests call us today. We will attend site and carry out a survey. Our knowledgeable, experienced technicians will identify the pest causing the damage and give advice on the most appropriate action to take to control the activity.

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