High Pressure Jetting & Specialist Jetting Works

We specialise in root cutting and descaling works and have a custom built 7000 psi jetting unit that allows us to undertake descaling & root cutting works that the industry standard jetters would not be able to cope with. Many of our clients use us for specialist works are required that the every day jetting unit can not accommodate.

  • Custom 7000 psi Jetting unit running 7000 psi @ 12 gallons a min.

  • We specialise in cutting corrosion from cast iron pipes and restoring 100% bore leaving the pipes in free flowing condition.

  • Specialist chain flails and spinning nozzles used for descaling works.

  • High pressure circular cutting saws used to remove mass root infiltration.

  • All descaling & cutting works are assisted with CCTV inspection to ensure complete removal of obstructions.