CCTV Surveys

  • Domestic CCTV units capable of surveying 100 - 225mm diameter drainage systems using a small flexible push rod system. Ideal for house and small industrial surveys.

  • Mainline CCTV units capable of surveying 100 - 600mm diameter drainage systems incorporating both push rod and tractor systems. Ideal for most industrial and commercial surveys.

  • All levels of survey are carried out by operators trained and qualified to the Water Industry International standard. On site input and validation of the survey results is carried out using the latest CCTV reporting software.

  • Download a general inspection report example (pdf)

  • Upon completion of the site works full colour quality controlled condition reports and drawings are provided including recommendations for repairs to defects where necessary.

  • DVD and electronic images of defects are included as standard with all levels of survey.

  • Typical applications include:

  •      -  Inspection of drains and sewers
         -  Monitoring of specialist repair works within
         -  Monitoring of sewer cleaning
         -  Inspection of deep shafts and confined spaces
         -  Inspection of service ducts

    We currently undertake CCTV surveys and produce reports for various chartered surveyors including various chartered surveyors. A detailed report with observations and photos highlighting any remedial works with costings is submitted to aid their dilapidation surveys. An example of our detailed inspection report can be provided on request.

    Our clients have been very pleased with the quality of our work, customer service, professionalism and the standard of our reports. As well as the quality of our reports one of our key standards is speed of service - we can deliver 24 hour response times on site when needed and once a survey is done an email of the report, again within 24 hours of completing the survey followed by a DVD copy in the post.